For foreigner author

To enter China, you need hold your passport with at least six months validity and with Chinese visa included.

To obtain a visa, you need apply at Chinese embassy or General Consulate in your country with your passport and a formal invitation letter and on some circumstances, you are also required to submit the copy of hotel reservation in China, return air ticketing booking copy and more proof materials.

PRECEDE 2019 Local Organizing Committee welcomes you to participate PRECEDE 2019 on May 31- June 2, 2019 at Quanzhou, China. The official invitation letter for your visa application will be issued to you after filling in the attached INVITATION LETTER APPLICATION FOR VISA and email to and PRECEDE 2019 Local Organizing Committee will issue the invitation letter and email to you.

Also, you could apply for Chinese tourism visas, for how to apply for Chinese tourism visa, please browse Chinese Embassy or Consulate website in your country or region for more information.

Any more information or assistance about Chinese visas, please contact with PRECEDE 2019 Local Organizing Committee at